Teacher Management

Streamline the management of teacher information by keeping it centralized in one place. Quickly assign teachers to classes and subjects, keep track of payments and handle related tasks with ease.

What is it about?

Store all teacher information in one centralized location with online teacher profile cards. Store personal and contact information, qualifications and any additional details using customizable fields. Easily assign teachers to classes, monitor completed lessons and keep track of payments. Add notes and tags for efficient data filtering and communicate effectively with all teaching staff.
Easily customize teacher profiles to store their personal and contact information, qualifications and any other relevant details, using custom-made fields. Keep a record of the lessons scheduled and teaching hours completed, monitor payments and manage effective communication with the teaching staff by adding notes and tags for data filtering.

Easily create online teacher profiles

Easily store and access teacher information with customizable profile forms. Include personal and contact details, photos, and other important information. Add custom fields to keep track of teaching positions, qualifications, training, and more. Quickly store text, numerical, or predefined values in the custom fields to have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Make most out of teachers’ information, using reports

Maximize the utilization of reports that provide details about teacher information, including the count of lessons taught within a specific time frame, lessons completed, and lessons cancelled. Easily sort data by teacher and have the option to export or print the reports if necessary.

Easily communicate with teachers, en masse or one by one

Easily reach out to groups of teachers by filtering lists based on custom labels, like full-time or part-time. Or, access individual teacher profiles to view their information, including assigned classes, payments, schedules and lesson reports, and make direct contact from within the app.

Monitor teachers’ payments, by storing the respective information in their profiles

Assign teacher payments to their respective profiles. Utilize the payments section in each teacher’s profile to track the amount they have received during the school period. Monitor the total number of teaching hours, the amount paid, the type of payment (general payment or paycheck), and the date and time of payment.

Make well-informed decisions on time with sophisticated functionality

Easily store and access crucial information related to current education and management concerns, such as teacher payments. Quickly create notes within teacher profiles using pre-made forms, categorize them with tags, and retrieve the information you need promptly to make informed decisions.

Monitor teaching activities and duties

Once you have started, use teacher profiles to monitor the progress of teaching-related activities. This includes details such as the classes assigned to a teacher during a specific school term, notes with relevant information, and a custom schedule listing all the lessons planned for that teacher. This information is also accessible to the teacher through their own portal.

Efficiently manage teachers throughout school periods

Say goodbye to the hassle of having to re-enter information for past teachers each new school period. With just a simple click, add them back into the system and easily keep track of all relevant information related to their performance and progress.