Student Management

Consolidate all student information into a single location. Establish student profiles and efficiently handle various student-related tasks, including admission, performance evaluation, attendance tracking, and tuition fee management.

What is it about?

Clouddrop provides the necessary tools to effectively manage student data. It goes beyond being just student information management software, assisting school administrators and teachers with essential administrative duties.

Student Registration

Easily enroll new students into a school term by creating online student profile cards with basic personal information. For returning students, there’s no need to repeat the process, simply add them from previous terms with just a few clicks.


Move your gradebooks to the online platform. Set up customizable and editable grading periods, featuring automated calculations (e.g. class average, etc.) for each course. Enable teachers to create and manage gradebooks for their classes, and let students easily access their grades through their profile.

Student Transcripts and Performance Reports

Make the most out of automatically created reports and transcripts; and quickly work on student performance data:
Develop assessments for each student, specifying information such as course and teacher. The assessments will be easily accessible through the student’s profile. Swiftly access the student’s gradebooks to view or make modifications. Generate comprehensive performance report cards to review grades, assessments, and attendance records at the student level. Automatically create official transcripts for each student, including grades and absences per course, overall average, and other relevant details, ready for printing. Record information for passed or failed courses, including results (pass/pending/fail), and additional details such as duration and earned credits.


The simplest method for handling attendance information is by enabling teachers to input the data. Record attendance and immediately share it with administrators or teachers, as well as inform parents and guardians.


Easily reach out to students, teachers, parents, and guardians directly from your account. Utilize pre-existing contact lists, and send bulk emails to groups to provide updates or convey important information.

Tuition fees

Track tuition fees, payroll, and all outstanding payments with ease. DreamClass supports payment plans and provides a comprehensive view of your payment history, both incoming and outgoing.

Extra functionality

Sort Students using custom tags Organize students by creating tags and easily find the information you need. Filter the student list by tag to quickly locate students with the same designation, such as full-time/part-time or attending morning, afternoon, or evening classes.

Store additional information using custom fields Create custom fields, such as text, numbers, or checkboxes, on student profiles to store extra information, such as additional emergency contacts or planned programs of study. Add any relevant information for your school.

Upload important documents Upload and store essential documents, such as admission data and proof of identity, directly in student profiles for easy access.

Add notes to student profiles Attach notes to student profiles to store additional information. Choose whether the notes should be visible to students, teachers, or both, or not. Additionally, add color-coded tags for quick scanning of the information without having to read the notes in full.