School Student Fees

Simplify your financial management by tracking all financial transactions, including tuition fees, payment plans, and payroll, all in one central location.

What is it about?

With  Cloud Drop can make the most of the fully customizable admission forms already created for you. You can create public and private admission application forms to easily enroll new students or re-enroll registered students in new school periods in seconds. You may target different audiences of applicants with student and guardian-oriented admission forms and serve your growing school community the best possible way right from the beginning.

Manage your school fees

Optimize your financial management by having a comprehensive view of all transactions, including tuition fees, payment plans, and payroll, in one central location. Enjoy quick access to a snapshot of your financial status from the main page of your account as an administrator. Utilize the dashboard for a clear overview of the latest incoming and outgoing payments, their due dates, and quick links to important reports, enabling you to closely monitor your incoming revenues.

Keep track of your students’ tuition fee history

Easily access and print tuition fee invoices for record-keeping purposes. Quickly filter students with outstanding payments and keep them informed in a timely manner. Stay on top of overdue payments by following up on them regularly. Utilize the various options for creating one-time, monthly, or customized fees, such as hourly-based rates, and assign them to groups of students with ease.
  • Easily create tuition fees for all students enrolled in a school period or for individual students in a specific class, including the option to add discounts. Streamline the fee creation process and ensure accurate billing.
Create custom tuition fees for individual students as required.

Get a quick overview of your finances

    • Number of invoices issued
    • Total sum of invoiced fees
    • Timeframe for which the summary is being displayed (e.g. last week, last month, etc.)
    You can also view a summary of un-invoiced fees, with the same type of information, giving you a complete overview of your school’s financial status.

Quickly access a summary of your school’s financial status on the dashboard, including the number of invoices issued within a selected time frame, such as a month, three months, or a week, along with the relevant total amounts. The same type of summary is available for unissued fees, including:

  • Paid invoices
  • Outstanding invoices
  • Overdue invoices

Thoroughly examine your school’s finances, with ready-made reports

Grouped Student Finances Class or School Period Fees Family/Guardian Finances Date-Filtered Summarized or Detailed Reports

Examine financial information for student groups by filtering data by class or school period fees to quickly access the information you need. This report is also available organized by families/guardians and can be viewed in summarized or detailed versions for different time periods (filtered by date) in categories including Paid Invoices, Outstanding Invoices, Overdue Invoices, and Uninvoiced Fees, allowing for further examination and printing as needed.

Quickly access and work on a student’s finances

Easily filter a student’s invoices by their status to quickly locate outstanding, overdue, paid, or canceled invoices. Quickly notify the student or guardian with just one click for any unpaid invoices.

Keep teachers updated, regarding their payments

With just a few clicks, teachers can easily monitor their payment details, ensuring that all information is up-to-date and any issues can be resolved promptly. The payment notes added by administrators are conveniently accessible through the teacher’s profile, providing quick and convenient access to important information.

Student payments are available on their profiles

Empower students to stay on top of their tuition fees by providing them with easy access to their tuition fee agreements, payment plans (if applicable), and payment records. This way, they can effectively manage their payments and avoid any potential delays or issues.

Accept payments from popular payment systems

Provide maximum convenience for parents, guardians and students by allowing them to take care of their tuition fees through their preferred payment gateway. DreamClass supports popular payment methods including Venmo, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay and Braintree.