Parent Portal

Easily manage the information of parents and guardians and empower students’ representatives to play a more active role in their education through the use of their portal.

What is it about?

Enhance the management of parent and guardian information through the creation of digital profiles. Empower parents and guardians to be more actively involved in their children’s education by giving them access to their own personalized portals. This not only reduces administrative workload but also fosters a close and trusting relationship between the school and the students’ representatives.

Ways you can manage parents and guardians with DreamClass

Effortlessly establish Parent and Guardian Profiles by linking them with your students and allowing them to log in to their personalized accounts through your portal. Utilize our convenient digital profile cards to keep important guardians’ personal and contact information easily accessible for both administrators and teachers. Store additional information, such as preferred communication method and work contact information, to enhance your interactions with guardians. Create custom fields to tailor the cards to your specific needs. Specify the relationship between the guardian and student, choosing from options such as Father, Mother, Grandparent, Step-Parent, Uncle, Aunt, or Other. Associate multiple guardians with a student, if necessary, and grant them access to the portal to keep them informed and involved. Manage guardians’ access rights in bulk and group families for easier management.


Things parents and guardians can do from their personalized accounts

Empower parents and guardians to carry out essential actions effortlessly, by granting them access to their personalized portal accounts.

Engage in a students’ school life, autonomously

Parents and guardians can perform the following tasks through their portal account:

  • Monitor admission applications assigned to their child and view any accompanying forms that have been submitted, to streamline the enrollment process.
  • Stay informed about the list of teachers responsible for their child in a specific school period.
  • Reach out to a teacher or all teachers at once, directly from the portal, to address any critical issues related to their child’s health, education, or progress.
  • Stay updated on their child’s information, by accessing student profiles and viewing details such as personal and contact information, which can be updated if necessary.
  • Track their child’s classes and enrollment status in each school period.
  • Review performance notes and any school fees added by administrators or teachers, for all school periods.
  • The parent portal provides a one-stop-shop for parents and guardians to easily access all relevant information, including school contact information.

Keep tabs on student attendance

Explore the student attendance calendar, to see attendance records with the option to filter by specific dates or a range of dates. Gain insight into comprehensive attendance details, including the attendance status for each class, such as present, unexcused absence, excused absence, expulsion, and tardiness.

Keep an eye on student performance with gradebooks, assessments and report cards

Access to Graded Assignments: Students can view their grades on various class assignments and assessments, such as quizzes, tests, and projects, along with the date of entry and class average. Performance Summaries: Students can view report cards that summarize their performance, including grades, assessments, and attendance data. This gives students an overview of their progress in each course.

Check out students’ schedule

Access a personalized schedule of courses their children are enrolled in, including class times and dates. Stay informed about important school events, including parent-teacher meetings and other important dates, directly from their portal.

Inspect student fees, issued invoices and proceed with payments

Stay updated on their students’ tuition fees, including initial agreements and payment notes, all accessible through the portal. Easily manage payments through the payment gateway of their choice, with support for Venmo, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay and Braintree.