Class Scheduling

Streamline the process of scheduling lessons and planning school events by involving teachers, students, and guardians. Provide personalized timetable views that are easily accessible through their portals, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

What is it about?

Create a customized school timetable in a matter of seconds. Organize individual and repeating classes for each course, and include crucial school events with customizable visibility options. Make the most of various calendar views and specialized access rights for different members, allowing them to either create or view the schedule. Quickly review color-coded classes on your calendar to ensure everything is on track, or delve into the details of each lesson for a comprehensive view.
  • Design a flexible school timetable chart with ease. Plan courses effortlessly by setting recurring patterns and have the lessons automatically arranged on your timetable. Set up school events and share personalized schedules with students, teachers, and guardians. Benefit from various calendar views to access information promptly. Assign teachers to scheduled classes, manage classrooms efficiently by grouping them, and match lessons with appropriate classrooms. Avoid booking conflicts by identifying and resolving them in a timely manner.

Give a particular format to each school period’s timetable chart before you start scheduling

Customize the timetable structure for each school period to meet your school’s requirements before scheduling lessons. Effortlessly create your timetable structure by defining or modifying workdays and hours, generating time slots, and setting the standard length for each teaching period. Once you have established the basic structure for your timetable, you can proceed to schedule lessons for each course.

Schedule lessons in seconds

Easily create individual lesson instances by specifying the start time and duration, automatically assigning slots on your calendar. Add a title to keep teachers and students informed. Alternatively, schedule recurring course lessons on a weekly or bi-weekly basis by defining the duration in minutes, the date range for repetition, and the specific day of the week. By following these steps, you can have your lessons repeated automatically, eliminating the need to manually schedule each lesson on your calendar.

Easily schedule school events

Organize school events, such as parent briefings, parent engagement sessions, school anniversaries, or special school days on your personal calendar. Create one-time or recurring (weekly/bi-weekly) school events by adding color-coded event instances to your school calendar. Choose to make the scheduled events visible to teachers, students, and/or guardians, and include additional descriptive details to keep attendees informed.

Easily edit and delete bunches of scheduled lessons, with a few clicks

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the recurring scheduling rules applied to your calendar to stay on top of what lies ahead, without having to navigate through the entire calendar. View relevant information, such as the start date of recurring lessons, duration, and other details, along with previously deleted lessons. Modify the scheduling recurrence rules to adjust all the relevant scheduled lessons, or eliminate all scheduled lessons in one go.

Make the most out of the different timetable views, to serve different needs

Take advantage of various timetable views to effortlessly access the information you need. View and navigate through a timetable version that includes all scheduled lessons for a specific course, ideal for the teachers assigned to that course. Alternatively, you can check your school’s calendar to see the scheduled lessons for all courses within a school period. Similarly, get a quick overview of today’s scheduled lessons and events, as well as students’ and teachers’ birthdays, on your dashboard.

Sharable timetables

Teachers and students can access their personalized timetable, displaying only the classes they have been assigned to or enrolled in, simply by logging into their profile from the relevant portal.

Go digital with your timetable management and say goodbye to paper and manual processes.

Maximize the flexibility in creating and managing your timetables.

Experience advanced scheduling functionality that enables you to effortlessly shape your school schedule, with the added benefit of recurring rules in lesson scheduling.

Easily keep teachers and students informed of any timetable changes.