Class Management

Transform class management into a seamless digital experience by structuring classes into levels that accurately reflect your school program. Effortlessly handle both educational and financial aspects, including class course units and fees. Assign teachers, track attendance, and monitor performance through class gradebooks. Optimize class organization by cloning classes, importing past students, grouping classes with tags, and generating reports with ease.

What is it about?

With DreamClass you can make the most of the fully customizable admission forms already created for you. You can create public and private admission application forms to easily enroll new students or re-enroll registered students in new school periods in seconds. You may target different audiences of applicants with student and guardian-oriented admission forms and serve your growing school community the best possible way right from the beginning.

  • Customize classes with specified capacity, student enrollment, and teacher assignment.
  • Monitor educational information, including course units, class grades, and final exams.
  • Schedule classes and track attendance.
  • Monitor class fees.
  • Monitor class reports.

Have all class-related information gathered in one place

Easily create and manage class schedules, keep track of class attendance and monitor performance, by working with detailed lesson instances. Quickly access class notes, view class gradebooks and results, and get a comprehensive overview of class performance, including timestamps and the ability to add comments. Keep both teachers and administrators informed with relevant class information.

Distribute students to groups, enrolling them to classes

Specify the capacity of your classes and have a hold over the number of students you enroll in each one of them. Having all necessary information available, the moment you make relevant decisions, makes administrative tasks much more efficient.

Keep tabs on teaching workload, as related to each one of your classes

Determine teaching hours, per week, for each one of your classes. Oversee teaching flow in terms of time, teachers you’ll assign as contributors and fee monitoring, as corresponding to said teaching hours.

Keeps tabs on course units assigned to classes

Track the credit requirements for each class by defining course units, if necessary. Easily view the total number of course units a student has earned across all the classes they have enrolled in, by accessing their profile information.

Easily monitor class fees

Quickly and easily assign fees, either one-time or recurring, to students enrolled in a class, by simply clicking a button. Stay on top of class fee information, including details such as payment installments and total amounts, at your fingertips.

Cluster classes in groups, with tags

Organize classes into meaningful groups with tags, allowing you to quickly filter through your classes in a school period. This feature makes it easy to locate the classes you need to manage, even if your curriculum structure is complex. Use tags to distinguish between required and elective courses or for any other grouping purposes.

Clone classes and import students from past school periods

If you need an unchanged copy of a previously set up class, creating a duplicate is effortless. The new class will inherit all fees assigned to the original, giving you the opportunity to make further adjustments from the beginning. Additionally, you have the option to import students who were enrolled in a class from a previous school period and allocate fees during the import process.

Make the most out of reports and data pertinent to class management

Track attendance with ease by getting a summarized overview of class attendance for a specific period. Quickly filter data by date to monitor daily absence records. Utilize the class roster, which contains important contact information, to easily reach out to all students and guardians in the class with a single message.