Attendance Management

Effortlessly monitor and distribute attendance information, ensuring administrators, teachers, and parents are kept up-to-date and informed.

What is it about?

Teachers have the ability to record classroom attendance and promptly update the system with the data from their accounts. This information is then made available to administrators automatically. Alternatively, administrators can input attendance data for all classrooms.

Share attendance data

Teachers can conveniently access and modify attendance records for all classes they are responsible for. With just a few clicks, they can swiftly update attendance for all students registered in a class. Additionally, creating ad hoc courses and taking attendance for those registered in them is simple. Any updated absence information is immediately accessible to relevant staff members, making it easy to send prompt notifications to parents. Similarly, students can view their own attendance data directly from their account.

Work on attendance data, in retrospect

Effortlessly analyze attendance information by student or class, adding additional details such as attendance type (e.g. excused absence, unexcused absence, tardy, expulsion). Utilize this data to enhance your administration process. All school attendance data is securely stored in a single location.

Attendance reports

Receive attendance reports automatically generated with additional student performance data, including grades, which can be easily printed.

Extra functionality in attendance management

The Attendance toolkit includes added features that simplify attendance management, with intelligent details that allow you to swiftly track and examine attendance data.

Minimize the work required to prepare admission forms

Reuse admission forms you have created and save time

Allow for a huge number of students to self-register, releasing administrators — or other roles burdened with the admission management process — from needless workload.

Collect student and guardian data at once, and forget all the bureaucratic repetitive tasks you’ve been struggling with, in the past.

Easily create and use different admission forms, for different occasions, within a single school period

Reduce the time needed to process admission applications, making the most out of our sorting functionality, application labeling and other automations

Reduce the costs incurred by creating (and managing) non-digital admission forms. No need to print and share numerous copies of admission forms; simply share the generated link and you’re done, quickly and eco-friendly