Academic Management

Efficiently manage critical academic tasks and processes, such as assessment creation and grade tracking. Keep an eye on class performance and share performance data with students and parents.

What is it about?

With DreamClass you can make the most of the fully customizable admission forms already created for you. You can create public and private admission application forms to easily enroll new students or re-enroll registered students in new school periods in seconds. You may target different audiences of applicants with student and guardian-oriented admission forms and serve your growing school community the best possible way right from the beginning.


Effortlessly create gradebooks for all of your school subjects, with the option to delegate this task to teachers or have it remain an administrator responsibility. Teachers or administrators have the flexibility to create gradebooks with multiple grading periods, which are automatically calculated for average grade values. Teachers can quickly grade all students and adjust their gradebooks retroactively. Once grades are entered in the gradebook, they are automatically shared with students in their profiles.


Easily keep track of students’ progress and personalize instruction with the ability to add assessment notes directly to each student’s profile. These notes can be added during class or at a later time, serving as a useful reference for teachers. And once recorded, they are easily accessible to administrators for review.

Report cards

Generate comprehensive report cards for each student, highlighting their performance in each course, by leveraging the platform’s automatic report card generation feature. The report cards contain the student’s grades, class average comparison graphs, teacher-assigned assessments, and an overview of their attendance. These report cards are accessible to administrators, teachers, students, and guardians directly from their profiles, providing valuable insights into their academic progress.

Performance transcripts

Create official records of student performance with ease, by generating student performance transcripts. These transcripts showcase a student’s grades for each class, along with their overall average and attendance summary (excused/unexcused). The formal format of the transcript includes important details such as the school period, issue date, signature field, and more. Access to these transcripts is restricted to school administrators, and they can be easily printed and shared with teachers, students, and guardians.


Effortlessly input and manage students’ course results using automatically generated result templates. These templates include important information such as the school period and allow you to quickly and easily fill in each student’s performance status (pending, passed, or not passed). Result templates are accessible only to school administrators with the necessary privileges.

With all information collected in one centralized location, you can easily access and utilize relevant data to deliver more tailored and personalized instruction to your students within the classroom.

Maximize efficiency through automated calculations, freeing up time to enhance your teaching techniques.

Shift from tedious paper-based tasks to eco-friendly, digital record-keeping and promote sustainability in your educational institution.

Empower students with access to their grading data and encourage their academic progress by sharing this information with them.

Effortlessly access and update grading information at any time and place, allowing you to continuously improve your educational approach.

Safely store all of your performance data in one centralized location for easy access and reference.

Eliminate the hassle of searching for performance information and be ready for any parent meeting by having all your data readily accessible in one secure location.